19-02-2015 Starting with: Kneeling man, lifesize. Armature in welded steel.

torso nova

Torso of a toddler-girl 2.5 years old. Clay. Plaster waste mold and from first plaster model a silicon mold is made. Casted in resin and spray painted/automotive paint.

AVA 1840

sitting figure, life size Iron frame, clay. to be casted in bronze edition 8

madonna nera-reclining head

waxmodel of a reclining head, ready for bronze casting - process of polishing and patina dimensions: 45 x 32 x 25 cm

reclining figure- adagiata

Reclining torso - Torso Disteso - Adagiata Build in black wax, lost mold in plaster, plastercasting. Siliconmold, waxmodel, bronze edition 8

madonna nera-gialla

Working on a 'black' face in the Female Strenght project: Madonna Nera Model in clay, lost mold in plaster, prototype in plaster, siliconmold. From this mold: polyester and glass fiber; spray painted with yellow automotive paint and topcoat 2 components.


mirrors / text in a park and lake

hybrids in progress

Process in 3D printing. From printing to casting.

white lace and promises

A project inspired by polygamy: brides dressed up in white and colored lace, waiting for a suppressed life.


life-size male model

Model Fred is posing for 8 weeks/1 day a week. Clay, plaster mold, polyester positive.

tors in black wax

At work in Beetsterzwaag, in Eja's atelier. This torso is built in black wax on an iron frame.


Wax model ready to be casted and finally the sculpture casted in bronze.

female object




portait in black wax and a wax model ready to be casted of Nova, my granddaughter. Casted model: metal work and patine 12 x 15 x12 cm